Frankfurt am Main / Ahrensburg

R+V Versicherungen - Portfolio TDD

Technical due diligence for the recording and condition assessment of building and technical equipment of three properties of different use in Germany
To obtain planning and cost certainty for the client, CANZLER supported the acquisition review by means of technical due diligence. With a team of architects, civil engineers and technical equipment engineers, CANZLER clarified the structural and technical condition of the properties on the basis of the documents provided and during on-site visits, and assessed the status of repair, maintenance, servicing and deconstruction obligations from a technical perspective. The evaluation of the maintenance / repair costs was carried out by means of benchmark comparison. Further investigations into concrete component coverage and preliminary investigations into facade refurbishment were also taken into account, as were structural and technical obligations arising from rental agreements. In order to check the plausibility of the areas/area calculations presented in the property documents, random samples were examined and, in addition, the area flexibility and third-party usability were assessed. In addition, existing expert inspection reports and maintenance records were checked for completeness and the processing status of listed defects was recorded. The results of the investigations were summarized in a final report, in which the necessary measures were divided into short-, medium- and long-term investments and, if necessary, supplemented by recommendations for further investigations.
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Project data

Object details:
Frankfurt am Main: 13-story office and commercial building incl. underground parking, year of construction: 1968, modernization: 2012 Ahrensburg / Pinneberg: 2 toom DIY stores, year of construction: 2018
R+V Lebensversicherung AG
44.000 m2
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