Portfolio Due Diligence Retail Real Estate

Valuation of properties in a retail portfolio in preparation for a real estate transaction
The total of 136 sales outlets at different locations with a sales area of 1.3 million m² were to be evaluated in preparation for the sale. The portfolio consisted of commercial and department stores, mixed-use properties and specialist stores as well as multi-storey car parks. After analysis of all existing inventory data on building rights, inventory of construction and technology as well as the management and operating licences were the objects are recorded during site visits. In the process, an interdisciplinary Team of engineers, architects and surveyors the condition, maintenance backlog and existing defects are recorded and evaluated with regard to construction and extension, technical equipment, fire protection and building physics. CANZLER prepared analyses about environmental damages and contaminated sites and checked the conformity with the applicable building law and regulations concerning sales premises, workplaces and garages. For recorded defects and the maintenance backlog, the costs for short, medium and long-term measures and their investments were estimated.
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Project data

Object details:
Nationwide 136 sales outlets with different uses and multi-storey car parks with a total of 1.3 million m² of sales area
1.300.000 m2
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