Frankfurt am Main

Olivetti headquarter

Original restoration and technical modernisation in accordance with the regulations for the protection of historical monuments
The building ensemble of the former Olivetti headquarters in Germany was built between 1968 and 1972 according to the designs of architect Egon Eiermann. It is considered an exemplary example of modern architecture in Germany and is a listed building. The building ensemble was to be preserved or restored in its design principles, which extend to the interior fittings. Today, the modernised office space is let on a small scale. CANZLER planned the modernization and accompanied the measures over a period of four years in several construction phases, since before the reconstruction an asbestos removal had to be carried out in the entire building. At the same time, the building, which was innovative at its time of construction, was carefully adapted to the conditions of modern building services and fire protection.
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Object details:
Revitalisation of an ensemble of three high-rise buildings and a base building to create variable and small-scale rentable office space in line with the requirements of monument protection. Renewal of the building services and adaptation of the structural fire protection.
Olivetti/Oldus GmbH
Egon Eiermann; Sanierung: Pielok Marquardt Archi­tekten

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