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Office building Rheinstraße

New construction of an office complex on a busy road in Darmstadt
The new five-storey office and commercial building with underground car park was built in Darmstadt‘s central inner city location. The building reinterprets the themes of perimeter block development, perforated façade and arcade, which were dictated by the surrounding buildings of the 50s and 60s. The façade of grey-green gneiss facing the street takes up the heights of the neighbouring buildings. The large glass double facade of the foyer marks the entrance to the building. Like the box-type windows along the busy street, it protects against the very high noise pollution. The customer hall and other offices are located in the two-storey low-rise building adjoining the building at the rear. The two-storey anex also contrasts in colour with the white courtyard façade. The floor plans offer variable usage possibilities and can be switched both horizontally and vertically. The rental space is accessed via several entrances from Rheinstraße. This cube and the perimeter block development is accessible as a green atrium.
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Project data

Object details:
5-storey office building with underground car park
Pielok Marquardt
5.590 m2

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