Merchant house - glass roof renovation

Project planning and planning of technical equipment as general planner for the refurbishment of a large glass roof system above the atrium of a listed commercial building in Hamburg
The Kaufmannshaus in Hamburg, built in 1906-07, extensively refurbished in 1978 and 2013, is one of the Hanseatic city's traditional addresses for retail and office space. A fully glazed atrium in the inner courtyard is the spectacular highlight of the building. According to an expert's report, the steel girders of the glass roof were severely corroded. The owner then decided to replace the entire glass roof structure over the atrium. CANZLER took over the general planning (object planning and planning of the technical equipment) for the measure. Since no reliable documentation was available on the statics of the roof structure, the first step was to conduct an extensive structural analysis and building survey during ongoing operations. After submission of the structural analysis, the gable roofs were successively renewed while the building was in operation.
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Project data

Object details:
Listed commercial and office building in the center of Hamburg
RFR Ma­nage­ment
250 m2