MAHLE Automotive

Planning and monitoring the technical equipment using the GMP methodology.
To expand the production capacities and focus and optimize the production workflow in various sites in Germany and Poland three new plants were built. CANZLER planned, supported and supervised the technical equipment and the media supply and disposal systems for the product facilities, such as compressed air, process cooling water, oil, emulsions, wash water, etc. CANZLER produced all the relevant plans and documents as bilingual materials. Of especial importance for handling the building measures was adherence to the overall construction budget as per the GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) method. The interaction between the developer, planners and general contractor as partners in the project ensured al project goals were met with maximum cost efficiency and sure scheduling maintained.
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Project data

Object details:
Production plant for global automotive component supplier for valve drive system, pistons and engine components
Mahle GmbH
17.500 m2
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