Louvre Hotels Group

Technical due diligence to assess building condition, repair costs, and prepare a repair plan for the next 10 years
n cooperation with Socotec France, CANZLER provided technical due diligence for 23 hotels in Germany for the client Louvre Hotels Group. Another 47 hotels were also examined by partners throughout Europe. The Louvre Hotels Group had the TDDs performed as the owner in order to obtain an overview of its buildings and their condition and to draw up a maintenance plan for the next 10 years. CANZLER examined the 23 German properties within the scope of this TDD and evaluated the building condition, documentation and repair costs for short-, medium- and long-term measures. Significant deficiencies or damages were communicated to the client in advance in a RED-FLAG report. Once completed, the reports were presented to the client. The project was implemented in several teams consisting of architects as well as specialist engineers. The processing was done in English using a database tool for TDDs. This generated and guaranteed a uniform standard for all sites.
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Project data

Object details:
Germany-wide 23 hotels (total number of rooms approx. 1665)
SOCOTEC/Louvre Hotels Group
86.500 m2

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