Logistics Center Lufthansa Cargo

General planning for the construction and reconstruction of the largest logistics center of Lufthansa Cargo AG
With a handling capacity of 20,000 tonnes per week, Lufthansa Cargo AG operates its largest logistics centre in the world at Frankfurt Airport. Since it went into operation in 1982, capacity has been expanded through various extensions and conversions to the existing logistics centre as well as through additional buildings and large-scale facilities. Today, the logistics centre has around 110,000 m² of hall space, 175,000 m² of outdoor space and a total of four large high-bay warehouses with over 10,000 storage spaces and over 3,000 m of conveyor track. CANZLER provided the general planning for the modernisation of the automated storage systems under consideration of the master plan "LCevolution" developed by Lufthansa Cargo especially for the location. In some areas the space efficiency was improved by new buildings and replacement constructions. The entire conversion was carried out during ongoing operations. Due to the limited space available, the high operational capacity (24/7 operation) and the approval history of the existing buildings, numerous additional functional, technical, temporal and spatial dependencies arose between the individual measures, which had to be taken into account during planning and implementation.
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Object details:
Logistics centre with approx. 110,000 m² of hall space, 175,000 m² of outdoor space and four high-bay warehouse systems with a capacity of approx. 20,000 tonnes of cargo per week
Lufthansa Cargo AG
Canzler / PMA
110.000 m2

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The complex requirements of the project in terms of planning and implementation as well as logistics require enormous professional competence and a high degree of flexibility in the planning team. As an interdisciplinary planner CANZLER always offers its customers the optimal way of implementation for the project. Measure us by our solutions - we are also happy to help you with existing buildings and during operation. CANZLER. Realizing your goals.

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