IKEA - CO2-neutral energy technology

Reducing energy consumption for retail outlets by installing sustainable technologies
The IKEA furniture store in Augsburg was to be one of the first stores in Sweden to cover its energy requirements completely from renewable sources. In addition, energy consumption was to be further reduced while retaining the usual construction methods. CANZLER planned and supervised the trades of the technical extension. Highly efficient heat/cold recovery systems as well as heat/cold supply by reversible heat pumps were planned. The peak load was covered by the installation of a wood pellet boiler. In addition, 40 m² of collector surface was installed to provide solar support for hot water preparation and rainwater utilisation with a 200 m² storage tank was planned for toilets and outdoor facilities. Thanks to the energy-optimised and resource-saving design of the technical equipment, it was possible to reduce the total energy requirement of the house by around 35% and thus cover the operation completely CO2-neutral via renewable energies.
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Project data

Object details:
New building furniture store with warehouse and delivery
30.800 m2
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