Support of several EU-wide procedures according to VOF for the award of contracts for architectural and engineering services
With 800 employees, the Helmholtz Centre conducts basic and applied research in the disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology and medicine. Within the framework of several contract award procedures in the fields of expansion and construction, the location was to be expanded to include a high-power laser laboratory, a thermo-fluiddynamics centre for molecular imaging, a high-field magnetic laboratory, a library and a student laboratory. For the identification of qualified planning offices in all fields CANZLER supported the client in the execution of EU-wide negotiation procedures according to VOF with preceding participation competition. The scope of services included the preparation of the service catalogues, the formulation of the tender contents as well as the preparation, monitoring and evaluation of the contract award negotiations. Finally, recommendations for the award of contracts were made for the client and contract award notices were prepared.
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Object details:
New buildings and building extensions for various research institutions
Helmholtz-Zentrum (HZDR)
13.000 m2

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