Hallen am Borsigturm

Modernization of the building control system and ensuring compatibility with existing structures of measurement, control and regulation technology
The “Hallen am Borsigturm” ensemble was erected in 1999 on a former industrial site in North Berlin. It consists of a shopping center with 120 retail outlets, several office buildings, a hotel and a multi-story carpark. CANZLER was responsible for planning and site supervision for the revitalization of the existing building services management technology while retaining the existing automation level to optimize building operations in terms of functions and costs. By choosing open solutions that were not manufacturer dependent using BACnet the measure was awarded by a competition. It was thus possible to achieve optimal solutions and maximum realization of functionalities with relatively low investment costs and follow-up costs as an alternative to relying on a realization using the existing product and manufacturer.
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Object details:
Property ensemble with shopping center with 120 retail outlets, several office building, a hotel and a multi-story carpark
ECE Projekt­management GmbH
Vasconi Architects
50.000 m2

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