Gruner + Jahr Pressehaus

Handling the Technical Due Diligence as well as preparation, management and evaluation of an ideas competition for modernization of the existing building to optimize energy efficiency
The owner and user ran an ideas competition for the comprehensive modernization of the ensemble to optimize energy efficiency and improve comfort levels while retaining the outer appearance of the premises and the architecture that so defines the district. CANZLER conducted a technical due diligence to lay the documentary foundations for the general planners invited to participate in the competition. It included a building and technology audit to establish the status, functions and maintenance backlog. CANZLER then prepared the materials for the competition, which included a calculation tool to evaluate the energy assumptions in the proposals. CANZLER later assessed the documents the participants submitted and presented its findings and recommendations to the jury.
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Project data

Object details:
Building details: Ensemble consisting of 5-story office buildings and a 7-story office high-rise for about 2,000 staff members
Gruner + Jahr
Steidle & Partner, Kiessler & Partner, Schweger + Partner
70.000 m2

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