German Central Bank

Design of an overall energy and plant concept that is aligned to the life cycle costs
For the Magdeburg branch of the Deutsche Bundesbank from 2001, an optimized energy concept for an operation based on life cycle costs was to be developed and the system technology was to be brought up to the current state of economic, technical & ecological aspects. The ensemble, which is operated with two gas-fired combined heat and power units and combined heat and power generation, was already thermally refurbished in 2010 and partially refurbished in 2014. In a study CANZLER developed solutions for a sustainable plant concept on the basis of which a decision for a partial conversion of the branch could be made.
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Project data

Object details:
Four-storey ensemble consisting of an administrative and commercial building with underground car park, a two-storey safe and a residential building
Deutsche Bundesbank
9.500 m2
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