Object and technical planning as well as object supervision for refurbishments and new constructions of the outdoor facilities in the course of the quarter revitalization
For many people in Cologne, the Gerling Quarter is still a symbol of the economic miracle. Now the 33,000-square-meter area is being given a new lease of life as a unique urban centerpiece and neighborhood for living and working. All the listed buildings have been completely renovated and supplemented by contemporary new buildings. The revitalization of the outdoor facilities also took place in the course of this. CANZLER took on numerous challenging tasks in this major project: - Approval planning and rehabilitation of the two groundwater wells in the Gerling Quarter with central service water supply for the entire quarter for adiabatic cooling of air conditioning systems, outdoor irrigation and toilet flushing. - Coordination planning of all technical trades and the outdoor facilities in Gereonshof - the object and technical planning for the revitalization of the fountain Piazza Gereonshof with new construction of two fountains, new natural stone, new installation of the fountain technology incl. lighting and planning of the repair of this after capital water damage - planning of the reconstruction of the natural stone for the historical flagpoles - professional assistance in the construction of fire extinguishing pipelines in the outdoor facilities - planning of the relocation of the security center
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Inner-city quarter with listed and newly built residential and office buildings as well as representative outdoor facilities
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