Freie Waldorfschule - Workshop building

Planning of a sustainable technical equipment for a building extension in timber construction
The use of wood as a building material, material and fuel played a central role in the construction of the new workshop building of the Freie Waldorfschule Essen, as reduced primary energy consumption was required during construction and use. The building is naturally ventilated and has a wood chip boiler combined with underfloor heating surfaces for heating. CANZLER provided the overall planning and object supervision for all trades of the technical equipment for the wooden carcass, which required special planning with regard to the installation of the technical equipment and the fulfilment of the requirements from the preventive fire protection. Subsequent to the planning for the new building CANZLER realised the connection of the energetically refurbished existing building to the heat supply of the workshop building.
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Object details:
Workshop building of an open all-day school
Freie Waldorfschule e. V.
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