Frankfurt am Main

Fraport - Regional Station - Smoke Extraction Concept

Planning of a fire protection upgrade during operation in a highly frequented public building
Deutsche Bahn Station & Service AG operates a regional train station under Terminal 1 of Frankfurt Airport, which is heavily frequented by commuters and long-distance travellers every day. CANZLER was commissioned to incorporate the official requirements of the fire protection and smoke extraction concept into the planning of the DB and to integrate it into the existing building of the Fraport so that the integration of a mechanical smoke extraction system was possible. In the course of the construction work, existing technical installations at the locations of the new control centers were converted and two new smoke extraction control centers were planned and constructed. The permanent function of the areas had to be ensured. This required appropriate interim measures. The integration of the planning services of DB also had to be coordinated.
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Project data

Object details:
400 metre long, underground and three-track railway station at Frankfurt Airport, traffic volume approx. 300,000 passengers/day
Fraport AG
200 m2
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