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Adaptation of the technical equipment for the integration of the supporting structure of a new passenger transport system
As part of the expansion of Frankfurt Airport, the new Terminal 3 was connected to Terminals 1 and 2 by a new autonomous passenger transport system (PTS). The existing PTS between Terminals 1 and 2 was to be integrated. For the PTS track, above-ground supporting structures were erected on the approach level, which were loaded onto the existing supporting structure of the shopping mall running underneath the terminal. Extensive strengthening and reinforcement measures of the supporting structure up to the foundation level in the underground regional station (level U2) were necessary. CANZLER provided the planning services for the technical equipment for the necessary measures and their supervision during execution. Due to the incomplete as-built documentation, the planning was preceded by an as-built inspection and survey as a special service. CANZLER was responsible for the planning area module 1 in which the following construction measures were carried out: - TA construction site clearance with subsequent relocation in the area of the support reinforcement/reconstruction - TA construction site clearance for the installation of an additional escape staircase as well as corresponding TA new installation - Reorganisation of retail areas with integration of changing rooms with adaptation of the TA - As-built upgrading of the TA installation to ensure official acceptance
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New construction of an autonomous passenger transport system PTS with station in the area of Terminal 1
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