Forum am Carolaplatz - Saxon Ministry of the Interior

Planning and object supervision of the technical and energetic refurbishment of the technical facilities as well as partial refurbishment of the cold water network during operation
The ministerial building of the Saxon state government at Carolaplatz in Dresden, built in 1999, is a central part of the government quarter in Dresden's Neustadt district. The ministries "State Ministry of the Interior" (SMI), the "Saxon State Ministry of Economics" and the "Saxon State Ministry of Labor and Transport" (SMWA) were combined in the building complex. In addition, the first floor zones of the ensemble, which is located in the city center, include areas for retail stores and service offers. CANZLER planned and supervised the execution of the energy-relevant renovation measures of the building, which were implemented during ongoing operation. In the process, the technical systems in the areas of lighting, refrigeration and outdoor air conditioning were refurbished and replaced. The conference rooms also had to be upgraded in terms of cooling capacity and air jet distribution. In addition, CANZLER planned the refurbishment of the technical equipment of the canteen kitchen without kitchen technology as well as the retrofitting of a grease separator. In addition, CANZLER planned and supervised the refurbishment of the chilled water network for climate comfort and the integrated data center in one of the two parts of the building.
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Object details:
Ensemble of two seven-story government buildings with special security requirements, integrated casino with canteen kitchen for 650 meals, and central conference area
SIB – Staatsbetrieb Sächsisches Immobilien und Baumanagement
20.000 m2

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Precise planning and efficient implementation of major public projects during ongoing operation. Many imponderables lurk when building in existing structures; especially if the property continues to be used during renovation, problems occur in many places at once. Thanks to its comprehensive planning know-how and its integral work processes, CANZLER provides security right through to handover. Canzler - take a breath and lean back.

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