FAIR - particle accelerator

Planning, tendering and site supervision for the building and process automation for the FAIR infrastructure project – one of the world’s largest particle accelerator installations
FAIR (Facility for Anti­pro­ton and Ion Research) is an accelerator to research antiprotons and ions. It is one of the world’s largest research projects and is being realized near Darmstadt. The new plant will offer diverse innovative research options, extensive insights on hitherto unresearched states of matter and information still outstanding on the genesis of the universe. For the project, CANZLER was responsible for planning, tendering and site supervision of the building and process automation equipment, which in turn controls the HVAC for the particle accelerator. All the security technology systems required by building regulations were included in the building automation system to form an automatic fire-event and smoke extraction system (Fire Dept. use panels, smoke extraction plant). A total of 52,000 data points were hard-wired (hardware/physical basic functions) and 9,500 data points connected using bus technology (software/basic communications functions).
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Object details:
Building complex with 20 structures (tunnel systems, research and lab facilities as well as operational and supply buildings), unique particle accelerator world-wide with a subterranean acceleration ring running some 1,100m.
FAIR - Facility for Anti­pro­ton and Ion Research in Europe GmbH
Arge von DGI Bauwerk und schneider+schumacher
150.000 m2

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