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Eumetsat data center

Planning and construction implementation for a new-build data center as part of the expanding the headquarter hub in Darmstadt
EUMETSAT, the European organization for the use of meteorological satellites, expanded its HQ in Darmstadt to include an additional computer center as the existing building had reached its maximum capacity and it was necessary to adapt to comply with the latest IT infrastructure security standards. The 4-story new build has a net surface area of 3,200 m², of which 1,000 m² are destined for the server racks. Not only the servers for the current satellite control system are located, but also expansion capacities for future tasks retained. CANZLER was in charge of property planning service levels 1-8b. The computer center was designed so that in the event of fire in the core zone operations could continue. The heat from the servers when operating is used to heat the neighbouring office buildings. The building boasts a second skin made of a stainless steel mesh that is backlit and reflects the building’s technical purpose.
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Project data

Object details:
5-story data center for operating and managing meteorological satellites
Canzler / PMA
4.300 m2

Canzler Plus

In computer centers with maximum operational security standards, the redundancy of all technical facilities guarantees non-interrupted functioning. Moreover, our architects harmonize both the functional and architectural standards required of the building.

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