Elbkinder Association of Hamburg Kitas

Recording of building data through a comprehensive TDD of building structure and technical equipment installations to eliminate the maintenance, refurbishment and modernisation backlog, identification of expansion potential etc.
The Elbkinder-Vereinigung Hamburger Kitas gGmbH is a social service provider of about 200 day care centres in all districts of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and neighbouring municipalities. Around 30,000 children are cared for in its facilities. The company employs an average of 6,800 people to fulfil its tasks. CANZLER provided the client with the professional recording of building data through an initial inventory of 50 buildings. This inventory covered two areas. In the first step, the structural inventory was carried out with the classic condition survey, the recording of the investment backlog and possible damage/pollutants as well as a rough estimate of the renovation costs. In addition, potential for expansion/extension was defined and the energetic condition was recorded. In the second step, the data collection was carried out. This included the recording of the technical building equipment in 50 day-care centres according to a system to be defined beforehand. This included the measurement and preparation of CAD plans, the collection of master and operating data, and the identification of missing data and documents.
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Project data

Object details:
50 day care centres for approx. 30,000 children in Hamburg and the surrounding area, buildings with different ownership, construction methods, structures or years of construction.
Elbkinder-Vereinigung Hamburger Kitas gGmbH
77.100 m2
© Elbkinder-Vereinigung Hamburger Kitas gGmbH / Foto: CANZLER