Dom Römer underground station

Planning of the technical equipment and inspection and advancement of the existing design and approval planning
Frankfurt’s old town was redeveloped according to historical records. 35 edifices were built – including 15 reconstructions of structures in the old town that were destroyed in the Second World War or in the post-War years, as well as 20 newbuilds and a public underground car park on the site between the Cathedral and Römer. CANZLER planned the modernization of the existing Dom-Römer underground station. The brief involved upgrading the structure’s fire-prevention measures, renewing the electricity supply for the escalators, and lifts to create a second entrance to the new old town. During the course of the work CANZLER also took on the inspection and advancement of the existing design and approval planning. Work on the existing structure was carried out while the station was in use and was subject to heightened safety requirements. As a result, CANZLER was also tasked with planning the technical equipment (performance stages 1-8) for the 35 newbuilds on the site.
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Project data

Object details:
Fire prevention systems as well as escalators and lifts at Dom Römer underground station
DomRömer GmbH
3.000 m2

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