Daiichi Sankyo Europe (DSE) - Digital Innovation Hub (DIH)

Design, planning and site supervision for the high-tech conversion and expansion of office space into a multifunctional and prestigious workspace as a digital innovation hub
The European headquarters of the Japanese pharmaceutical group Daiichi Sankyo in Munich is being transformed into a modern and future-proof office complex. The centerpiece is the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH). In the high-tech open space, the suitability of digital technologies to support drug treatment is tested in an integrated process before they are implemented in the company's products. The hub also conducts research into digital trends in pharmacy and hosts final product presentations for customers. The DIH is organized on a U-shaped floor plan around a glass rotunda of the central meeting and presentation room. The way there leads along the individual and team workstations and think tanks, which are divided by glass walls and face the outside. The spatial organization creates a wide, curved corridor around the presentation room, which serves as a variable area for presentations, meetings and events. The natural design language of the ceiling and wall design draws the eye and visitors to the rotunda and the bright aesthetics and minimalist interior design emphasize the spaciousness, which is additionally supported by an innovative lighting concept with individual lighting scenes. CANZLER was responsible for the design and planning of the entire spatial concept of the DIH and coordinated the various specialist planners. The major challenge was to integrate two opposing requirements to create both an open and a protected area within the hub. The solution lay in the design of a convertible glass cylinder with a central technology table: it allows teams to work on prototypes safely and securely when the double doors and curtains are closed, while when open it provides a stage for presentations, meetings and events.
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850 m² interior and workspace design integrating state-of-the-art workplace, media and event technology in parts of an existing office building
Daiichi Sankyo Europe GmbH
Huber Lischka Archi­tekten
850 m2

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