Casino Esscom 2

Careful conversion of a classically designed and excellent existing building on the Degussa site in Hanau from the 1960s into a casino
The existing building on the company premises of Degussa AG in Hanau - Wolfgang was erected in 1961 as a canteen building with a guest dining hall and in 1965 was awarded a prize for exemplary architecture by the state of Hesse. After completion of the new building ‘ESSCOM 1‘ with casino and conference centre, the old building was gutted and redesigned as ‘ESSCOM 2‘. ESSCOM‘ stands for food and communication. The characteristic and, in comparison to the new building, strict architectural language of the time of construction has been preserved. New elements have been integrated into this framework.
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Object details:
Conversion of an existing building into a casino
Degussa AG
Pielok Marquardt Archi­tekten

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