Carl ZEISS AG - facility services

Development of harmonized standards of facility services for maintenance and clean room cleaning
The nationwide real estate portfolio of Carl ZEISS AG, consisting of production facilities, research laboratories and office space, was to be harmonised with regard to facility services in the area of maintenance and clean room cleaning. CANZLER supported the client under integration of all stakeholders (location, production manager, works council) in the harmonization of the facility services by the analysis of the contract structures over the entire portfolio and the inventory as well as the identification of optimization potentials. The analysis of the Facility Services‘ sphere of influence on production and cleanrooms was incorporated into the final draft of a guideline with harmonized requirements. Subsequently CANZLER accompanied the tendering and awarding of the facility services by the individual roll-out of the harmonized services to the locations. In each case this included the execution of a cost benchmark with market analyses, the preparation of the service description and specifications as well as the execution of the awarding process.
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Project data

Object details:
More than 40 buildings with office space, research laboratories and production facilities for medical, semiconductor or measurement technology, microscopy and spectroscopy
1.000.000 m2
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