Frankfurt am Main

Campus Nestlé - Parking garage

Planning and realisation of a parking garage as a replacement for a parking lot, which was renaturalised and now forms the Nestlé Campus
With the redesign of the company campus at the administrative headquarters of Nestlé Deutschland AG in the Niederrad office city in Frankfurt, the company wanted to present itself more perceptibly to the public. As the 2nd construction phase of the implementation of the "Nestlé Campus", a multi-storey car park with 600 parking spaces was built on the northern boundary of the site, which accommodates the cars that had been parked until then on a large open area behind the main building. The vacated space was renaturalized in accordance with the plans of the City of Frankfurt, which intends to allow mixed use with residential units in the office city in the future, but is available for possible future structural extensions of the campus.
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Project data

Object details:
New construction of a multi-storey car park with 600 parking spaces
Nestlé Deutschland
Pielok Marquardt Archi­tekten
8.490 m2

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