Frankfurt am Main

Campus Nestlé – Kindergarten

Property planning and construction management for a new-build childcare center and fitness studio in the course of the expansion of the administrative HQ
With the redesign of the company campus dating from 1970 at the administrative head office of Nestlé Deutschland AG in Bürostadt Niederrad in Frankfurt the group sought to establish a more open public profile. Thus, as part of the 3rd construction phase of realizing the “Campus Nestlé” in addition to the Competence Center (SCC) a public childcare center and a fitness studio for Nestlé staff were built. For the project, CANZLER was in charge of property planning service levels 1-8. The building, a massive structure, now has a relatively closed façade on three sides, yet opens with a spacious line of windows to the West. A protruding roof on steel supports provides protection from the sun. In the East, small window openings in the middle of the façade blend with louvers in front of them visually to form a uniform facade.
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Project data

Object details:
2-story childcare center for about 50 children and a company health club for about 100 persons
Nestlé Deutschland
Pielok Marquardt Archi­tekten
2.141 m2

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