Bonifazius Towers

Fire protection refurbishment, repairs and tenant improvements during ongoing operations
Standing at a height of 95 meters with 25 stories, the Bonifazius Towers are the tallest buildings in Mainz, the capital city of Rhineland-Palatinate. They were built in 1977 and are located near to the main railway station. The name is derived from the adjacent St. Bonifazius Church.   After standing empty for 6 years, tower A was reoccupied in 2007. At the same time, fire protection measures were carried out in the entire building, along with the installation of other safety equipment and improvements to rented space on several floors. CANZLER was the principal planner for all of the technical works. It planned and over-saw the systems engineering of the whole building, with consideration being given to the rented spaces so that business could carry on as usual. Part of the fire protection concept was im-plemented in the public areas of Tower B during a preliminary construction phase. Fire protection works were then implemented in the rented areas during a second phase, which was carried out at night and on weekends, while business carried on as usual. A third phase is planned in order to deal with fire protection deficiencies in auxiliary buildings as well as in the underground car park of both towers.
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Office towers with retail space
Peakside Capital Advisors
41.000 m2

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