B&B Hotels

Technical Due Diligence to check the constructional/technical standards and determine the necessary investments for the takeover into the portfolio of the B&B HOTEL Group
The budget hotel group B&B HOTELS took over the management of nine hotels of the Covivio Group. A Technical Due Diligence was to rule out deal breakers and clarify whether and how the existing buildings could be adapted to B&B HOTELS‘ standards. CANZLER conducted a Technical Due Diligence for all properties in order to uncover hidden structural and technical defects that would have prevented the B&B Group from taking over the houses. CANZLER also evaluated the results with regard to the standards of the B&B Group and determined the necessary investment costs for an adjustment. In further projects for B&B HOTELS CANZLER regularly evaluates the technical equipment and thus provides the client with an investment basis for repair and modernization measures.
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Project data

Object details:
nine hotels throughout Germany with a total of approx. 750 rooms
B&B Hotels
20.000 m2

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