Aareal Bank AG - Headquarter

Examination and re-tendering of technical and infrastructural facility services as well as conducting workshops to redefine interfaces and responsibilities
The technical and infrastructural facility services for Aareal Bank‘s head office at Paulinenstrasse 15 in Wiesbaden were to be newly awarded. In the course of this, the existing internal and external services were examined with regard to their scope of services in line with the market, the service levels and the actual costs in relation to market costs. CANZLER examined the existing contracts and service descriptions and evaluated them on marketability and actuality. Concrete performance adjustments in the individual services were carried out at market standards according to DIN EN 15221. Internal interfaces and responsibilities were redefined in joint workshops.
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Project data

Object details:
Office ensemble with buildings of different construction years
Areal Bank AG
20.000 m2
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