The success factor – general planning


CANZLER closed the 2017 business year with a total fee volume of EUR 22 million (EUR 16 million in 2016). This can be attributed to the greater volume for general planning services for several large-scale projects and the stake in Pielok Marquardt Planungsgesellschaft, whose fee volume of EUR 3 million is included in the total. The fields of Engineering, FM Solutions and Concept all contributed in equal part to the business success.

The percentage spread of the services provided by the business units has remained more or less constant with 70 percent planning services and with 15 percent contributed by project management and consultancy services respectively. The share of planning activities accounted for by general planning has risen further. “The trend for general planning services again shows that our clients increasingly wish to procure services from a single service provider,” explains Bertram Canzler, CANZLER Managing Partner.

CANZLER has noted a steady growth in consultancy in the field of FM-Solutions, e.g., for project services relating to restructuring, consolidating spaces and seeking new floor area. Services that can range from needs assessments or new concepts through to relocation itself. Consultancy contracts for awarding and optimizing facility services have remained constant. Conceptual services focused primarily on consultancy and management activities for expanding rental properties in different fund-held real estate and revitalization/conversion of existing multi-tenant properties. They also included needs assessments, restructuring and adaptation of office buildings to modern work-space concepts.

In order to achieve further growth in the Architectuer and General Planning segments as at January 1, 2017 CANZLER acquired a stake in Pielok Marquardt Planungsgesellschaft mbH (formerly Pielok Marquardt Archi­tekten GmbH) in Offenbach. Pielok Marquardt has for decades provided architectural and general planning services for high-end mid-sized commercial properties for office uses, kitchens and canteens, industry and housing construction. “With the added general planning capacities and expertise in all segments of architecture we are now superbly positioned to be able to support our clients even more comprehensively,” Canzler comments. Indeed, in 2017 CANZLER made the exe­cu­tives shareholders in the company via a management investment company.

In the current year, the planning and consultancy experts expect overall services to grow by a mid-single digit percentage. CANZLER does not exclude additional expansion steps to supplement the range of services and capacities by a further acquisition.