Quality control during construction for office campus MIZAL


CANZLER was commissioned by r+v deutschland real estate to carry out quality control during construction of the MIZAL office campus in Düsseldorf's Medienhafen district. The sole tenant of the 38,000 sqm rental space is the world's largest advertising holding company, wpp. In this way, the owner wants to ensure that both parts of the building meet the standards contractually assured by codic development and that agreed deadlines are met. The frankfurt-based planning and con­sul­ting firm has been supporting the construction project since July 2020 until final acceptance of the tenant fit-out in the first quarter of 2023.


A campus with two building sections, a concept comprising modern office space, indoor and outdoor areas to promote collaboration and communication, and a canteen. The London-based advertising holding company is carrying out the interior fit-out itself in the so-called "shell-and-core" concept, including the safety-relevant installations within the leased space, after the space had been successively handed over to the tenant in the "basic fit-out" after the condition had been determined between the general contractor and the real estate property companies.


This is precisely one of the special features that CANZLER paid attention to during construction quality control on behalf of the end investor: "Over the entire course of the project, we focused on dealing with this special interface 'basic fit-out' and 'tenant fit-out' and the associated challenges regarding commissioning and handover," explains Marius Schönefeld, the responsible project manager at CANZLER. "We carried out performance status checks in the areas to compare the construction progress and the structural and technical qualities, since there was no quality assurance on the part of the tenants and no authority to issue instructions to the companies commissioned. We also acted as a communication interface between all parties involved." This required, above all, specialist technical know-how to evaluate and help clarify interfaces. All deviations were communicated to the client as well as the project developer CODIC in a project controlling report with requirements for achieving the goals. On the basis of documents and fundamentals and a permanent comparison between construction target and actual construction on site, it was checked whether the construction/extension services owed correspond to the contractually agreed standard and the recognized rules of technology. This also applied to the closed-cavity façade (CCF) of the Mirador and Infindo building sections, as well as Germany's first fully automated underground parking system parking garage.


CANZLER's technical expertise from the perspective of planning and site supervision not only relieved the client, but also benefited the entire course of the project, since the general contractor and vendor were able to take countermeasures at an early stage if deviations occurred. "As the MIZAL office campus project shows, ideally all parties involved benefit from quality control during construction. Such services reduce risks and ensure qualities and are requested by investors as well as users or banks (bank monitoring)," says Schönefeld.