Lebendiges Haus Leipzig: from interim to regular operations

Photo: denkmalneu GmbH, Fotograf: Holm Basedow

At the heart of downtown Leipzig, the “Lebendige Haus” is gradually starting operations. CANZLER tendered the technical and infrastructure FM for both the former Main Post Office and the new builds and coordinated the award. The goal was to find a service provider who would take on the FM services for the building users both during the interim phase accompanying construction and once regular operations started.

In the modernized post office and the attached new builds and existing edifices, the group has now established its second “Lebendiges Haus” on the heritage site – many corresponding functions are arising in a mix of commercial, residential and office properties covering an area of 80,000 square meters. While operations started in August in the former Main Post Office building – it is a reinforced concrete block 110 meters long and an East German Modernist icon – in four other construction sections and in the underground car port construction work was still very much ongoing.

This fact posed a sporting challenge for the consultants at Canzler: From May to the end of July 2018 the focus was on coordinating the services for technical and infrastructure facility management, with work starting in August, tendering for them and preparing the contract award on behalf of the client. “Not much time to realize tendering and award for a mixed-usage complex with a high public profile in downtown Leipzig,” explains Martin Preuße, FM consultant at CANZLER. All manner of technical and infrastructure services such as operations management, property management, maintenance cleaning and caring for the outdoor areas had to be considered, starting with interim operations while construction work was ongoing through to ordinary regular operations. Moreover, building usage requirements had to be aligned to the heritage protection regulations. Since at the point in time of the tender the range of facilities was not yet fixed, a large number of unit prices had to be tendered for maintenance of the technical plant and equipment and then assigned a value by assuming a specific scenario.

Phased plan for start of regular operations

“Given the award at short notice and the covering of regular services parallel to construction site activities, we developed a phased plan for the start of regular operations,” Preuße explains. Directly after closing the contract the service provider initiated interim operations in order to guarantee key FM duties initially in the modernized Main Post Office building. It is home to the Felix – with 109 suites and a restaurant across a footprint of almost 2,000 m² with a very inviting Skybar. Furthermore, the building also boasts a huge conference and co-working area, a design furniture makes, and a Tesla showroom.

Five additional construction sections gradually went/are going into operation after completion and commissioning: Since December 2018 the Motel One hotel chain has inaugurated its 300 rooms to guests and Edeka is open for shopping. And since October 2018, the extraordinary JOHN REED fitness club has been thrilling its members. In all the areas, the FM service provider has been implementing services and gradually extending regular operations as the sections go turnkey and tenants move in.