Extended Technical Due Diligence


Orders for "extended technical due diligence" are increasing significantly at CANZLER. Above all, institutional investors and fund companies are commissioning the examination of ESG criteria in addition to technical due diligence in order to determine the value of a property, to prepare transactions or measures for energy optimization, but also to determine the taxonomy conformity of the real estate portfolio or to derive further strategic orientation from this.


In the context of the EU taxonomy, ESG criteria not only influence the purchase or sales price, they sometimes even lead to the termination of negotiations. Information influencing the purchase price is primarily uncovered by means of due diligence. In this respect, it is worth taking a look at the possible design of the due diligence analysis and the proof of sustainability aspects. At CANZLER, the contents and services of ESG due diligence have long been established as standard within the scope of technical due diligence (TDD).