Deutsche Hospitality - Consulting for quality assurance of new hotel locations and refurbishment

Photo: IntercityHotel Amsterdam Airport; Bildquelle: Steigenberger Hotels AG / © Necron AG.

CANZLER provides con­sul­ting services for Deutsche Hospitality with its brands Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts and IntercityHotel in the field of technical equipment planning. These include in particular the TSA (technical service assistance) services named in hotel circles. Canzler represents the interests of the lessee vis-à-vis the lessor in order to ensure the services and qualities owed from the point of view of the technical building equipment (TGA).

The Deutsche Hospitality portfolio consists of around 150 hotels in 20 countries, 30 of which are currently under development. In order to optimally design processes in the construction or modernization of hotels, the hotel brands IntercityHotel and Steigenberger involve external consultants such as CANZLER in early project phases. As hotel technical consultants, CANZLER's TGA specialists are currently supporting various new building projects with 150 to 200 beds, e.g. at the locations in Karlsruhe, Zurich and Amsterdam. In addition there are several refurbishment projects nationwide.

CANZLER examines the plans provided by the landlord or leaseholder with his architects and specialist planners as well as the later execution or construction phase of a hotel for compliance with the contractual agreements from the beginning of the project to the opening. The services include the evaluation of planning and cost demands as well as regular status reports, the identification of disturbances in the process, site inspections to ensure the quality of execution and the supervision of sampling and acceptance. If required, individually agreed services are added according to project requirements.

Requirements must be fulfilled
"In hotel planning we look at every detail very carefully", explains Andreas Stehling, managing director of the planning and con­sul­ting company CANZLER. "The entire TGA is checked according to its requirements on the basis of the building specification". Not only the fixtures in the rooms and bathrooms visible to the guest must meet the quality standards, but also the technical equipment such as ventilation and cooling or lighting. CANZLER ensures e.g. by plausibility check of the planning that the required fixtures in the ceiling cavity provide the greatest possible clear room height.

"In terms of technical equipment for a hotel, room comfort, e.g. room temperatures, lighting and special lighting scenarios, play a major role. For example, built-in ventilation must be powerful, but must not impair the guest's well-being either through noise or draughts", Stehling knows from experience. It is also necessary to assess whether the lift systems are tailored to the number of hotel guests in terms of their capacities and transport speed, whether the technical rooms are large enough and, in the event of faults, whether they can be easily reached by hotel or maintenance staff and are also accessible with tools and spare parts. "It is immensely important that the required parameters are adhered to and that the interfaces are designed in such a way that the technology functions smoothly and processes for maintenance and servicing are taken into account," says Stehling. A modern guest experience of the fourth design generation of the IntercityHotels includes check-in, check-out, payment and the opening of the room door by smartphone. It is therefore important to link the booking systems with the control technology and presence systems so that the hotel rooms can be preconditioned for the booked guest so that energy is only available when the rooms are actually used. Ultimately, the efficiency of the energy systems will also be checked for plausibility with regard to future operating costs. CANZLER is even available as a consultant if the hotel is equipped with central generation or supply and disposal systems, e.g. by the local authorities.

CANZLER also supervises and accompanies reconstruction and redevelopment measures. For example, consultants take over planning tasks and coordinate construction measures during operation such as the modernisation of technical equipment in entrance and lobby areas as well as event rooms.