CANZLER pushes growth with Engineering Office Tesch


In order to grow further in the field of specialist electrical engineering planning, the con­sul­ting and planning company Canzler and the Berlin-based engineering office Tesch merged at the end of July 2020. This will sustainably strengthen the electrical engineering division at the real estate con­sul­ting and planning office CANZLER, a company of the SOCOTEC Group, and double the number of employees at the Berlin office location. The name Tesch, which is well known in the market, will remain.

In Berlin, Inge­nieurbüro Tesch is known as a competent and reliable partner for demanding con­sul­ting and planning tasks in the field of electrical engineering. Within the scope of technical building equipment, it provides all services of planning and construction management for the erection or renewal of electrotechnical high-/low-voltage systems and covers the entire scope of services of the Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers (HOAI) in the field of electrotechnical systems, which includes elevator, conveyor technology as well as communication and lighting systems. The order books of the engineering firm with its twelve employees are well filled; these relate to office/commercial, administrative and production buildings as well as cultural/special-use buildings. Tesch works for public and private clients in the Berlin area with many small and large construction projects.

"The reinforcement with Inge­nieurbüro Tesch represents the next strategic growth step for us," explains Andreas Broßmann, one of CANZLER's managing directors. "The electrical engineering planning division within our company is being strengthened in the long term and is a new addition at the Berlin location, where mainly specialist planners of technical building equipment and building automation are based." Together with Tesch's employees, 25 colleagues work in the Berlin office, an order of magnitude that CANZLER is aiming for at all of its locations.

As a result, CANZLER is now much more efficiently positioned in the east and north of Germany. Michael Nolte, Managing Director and Hamburg Office Manager at CANZLER, comments: "The Hamburg office, in which mainly colleagues from architecture and project management as well as FM con­sul­ting are active, benefits greatly from the expansion of the Berlin office, as the two locations ideally complement each other with their service profiles. With Tesch, we can intensify our previous cooperation and provide a broader spectrum of general planning services with our own staff." Clients benefit from interdisciplinary teams and a planning process that spans all trades.

"The merger with CANZLER offers a great many advantages for us as specialist planners in electrical engineering, since many of our clients also request general planning services," affirms Joachim Tesch, Managing Director of Inge­nieurbüro Tesch. "Furthermore, with the support of CANZLER's existing eight offices, we will be able to expand our activities nationwide in the future," adds Peter Meyer, Managing Director of Tesch.

CaANZLER achieves growth targets for 2020

CANZLER closed the past fiscal year 2019 with a fee volume of 23.5 million euros, with a roughly unchanged fee allocation to planning and project management as well as con­sul­ting services. CANZLER has already secured its internal growth targets for 2020 in terms of fees and employees by acquiring a stake in Tesch.