CANZLER grows nationally and internationally


CANZLER, a company of the SOCOTEC Group, has closed the 2021 financial year with a total fee volume of around 28 million euros. The companies added to the Munich site in 2021 contributed sales of EUR 4.5 million to this total. The growth course of the company, which specializes in planning and con­sul­ting services, is to be continued in the current year with an increase of around five percent compared to the previous year.

General planning projects in residential construction or logistics, planning projects for technical equipment, and project management and FM con­sul­ting tasks in the private and public sectors were the main success factors in 2021. "Last year, our major projects continued to run stably despite Corona. However, a large number of smaller and shorter-running projects also contributed significantly to the development," commented Andreas Masiorek, Managing Director at CANZLER.

With a fee volume of approximately EUR 22 million, or 80 percent, the majority of revenues are accounted for by planning services, but the area of project management and con­sul­ting services continued to grow and generated almost EUR 6 million in 2021.

"Due to the international cooperation with SOCOTEC, the share of fees in the areas of technical due diligence and monitoring or quality assurance tasks has increased," says Masiorek. For example, CANZLER 2021 worked with colleagues from SOCOTEC in France, Belgium and Italy to evaluate a European portfolio comprising 65 senior citizen properties for a major nursing home operator. In facility management con­sul­ting, CANZLER prepared quality audits for a major reinsurer in properties in Helsinki, USA and Canada, as well as Milan. In international assignments, cross-border cooperation is playing an increasingly important role.

Stable order situation for 2022

Ongoing and new projects at Frankfurt Airport and the Bundestag administration in Berlin are ensuring a good order situation in the area of technical equipment. In project management and real estate con­sul­ting, the company expects further increases in sales based on services for existing customers. "We will continue on our course in 2022 with a growth rate of around five percent," explains Managing Director Andreas Broßmann. "In addition, we are focusing on integrating Huber Lischka Archi­tekten and Büro Zickler and Jakob Planungen, which were acquired in 2021, into CANZLER GmbH," says Broßmann. To this end, at the end of the year all employees in Munich and ZPP INGENIEURE AG, which specializes in structural engineering and is a sister company, will move to a shared, new office location.

Number of employees doubled since 2014

Since CANZLER began expanding its regional presence through internal and external growth in 2014, the number of employees has doubled from one hundred to two hundred. While Hamburg was added as a new office location in 2015, Frankfurt grew in 2019, Berlin in 2020, and Munich in 2021 through corporate acquisitions by a combined 60 employees in the areas of architecture as well as specialist planning for electrical engineering and technical building equipment. "This has given us a broader base in terms of both expertise and personnel at all locations in order to serve the increasing number of customer inquiries for general planning projects," Masiorek concludes.