CANZLER continued to grow in 2018

Photo: Canzler GmbH, Urheberin: Angelika Stehle

The con­sul­ting and planning company CANZLER has fulfilled its expectations for the past fiscal year 2018 and continues to grow. The fee volume achieved in 2018 thus amounted to 23.5 million euros. The realized outcome can be attributed to the completion of several major projects as well as further general planning projects together with the architectural office Pielok Marquardt, which has belonged to CANZLER since the beginning of 2017.

With fees remaining unchanged, around 16 million euros were spent on planning services and around 7.5 million euros on project management and con­sul­ting services. "In 2018, the completion of several major projects made a significant contribution to the fee volume generated," comments Andreas Broßmann, Managing Director at CANZLER. In this context the  general planning projects in the MAC and Pollux office buildings and the revitalisation of the Eurotheum were completed. The planning and commissioning of the new ECB building and the planning and con­sul­ting services for the retail property known as UpperZeil on Frankfurt's shopping mile have also been completed.

"The fee volume targeted for 2019 will continue to rise with a focus on general planning services - in addition to organic growth, opportunities for further acquisitions are also being examined," adds Andreas Masiorek, also Managing Director at CANZLER. The current order volume is satisfactory with a general planning project for LH Cargo, quality assurance and planning services for the major Terminal 3 project at Frankfurt Airport and a major residential construction project in Kiel for 2019. In Berlin CANZLER is con­sul­ting the the swimming pool operators on the renovation and modernization of a wave pool.

CANZLER will grow closer together with Pielok Marquardt Planungsgesellschaft before the end of this year and will move into joint premises after the purchase of the remaining shares, which will further strengthen CANZLER's focus on general planning services. „Especially in this area we complement each other ideally. In addition, we are experiencing greater demand from our clients for a single point of contact for all planning services," explains Masiorek.