CANZLER broadens competence in technical assessment

Photo: Dr. Heinrich Bökamp, Präsident der Inge­nieurkammer-Bau NRW, links, und Andreas Stehling; Foto: © IK Bau.

Andreas Stehling, Managing Director and Division Manager for technical equipment of the planning and consultancy company CANZLER, was officially appointed and sworn in as expert in the specialist field of Sanitary Engineering .by the Chamber of Construction Engineering of Northrhine Westphalia (NRW). Courts, private enterprises from the real estate sector or insurance companies can appoint Stehling as technical expert for the identification and the assessment of errors or deficiencies in the field of sanitation.

When it comes to the ascertainment and assessment of damage, the principals rely on the power of judgement of an officially appointed and sworn expert. „In addition to the  analysis, research and derivation of fault events, the aim is – if required - to point out fitting solutions that will remedy the damage as well as to estimate potential costs“, explains Andreas Stehling. That is why a high level of technical expertise is required, while neutrality and independence of the expert is an absolute must. „Working as an expert requires to focus on the facts of a case and not to be distracted by incidental elements.“

Supported by its sworn experts, CANZLER compiles expert opinions on buildings and technical facilities and reviews contracts on compliance by the various parties. If required, CANZLER also appears in court. Stehling as well as his colleagues call upon inhouse expertise with the benefit of interdisciplinary expert opinions, particularly private opinions, to be thus easily producible for all trades of technical equipment. Principals, operators, users, executing companies or planning offices can likewise make use of a neutral assessment or evaluation of facts, with the aim to reach an out-of-court settlement in case of contentious points arising, to propose a way forward. This way both parties are usually able to save time and money.

Andreas Stehling, engineering graduate in supply technology is a member of the CANZLER Ma­nage­ment Board. He heads the Mühlheim an der Ruhr office and bears the overall responsibility for the field of technical equipment. Stehling has been working for Canzler since 1991 and is furthermore member in various committees, supporting the definition of new standards and guidelines, for instance at DVGW (Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches e. V.) – German panel for gas and water. Stehling  furthermore acts as chairman of a guideline committy and is a member of a specialist committy for sanitation (VDI, Verein Deutscher Inge­nieure) – Association of German Engineers. He moreover heads the working group technical equipment oft he VDI Ruhr district association (RBV) and was elected honorary assessor to the disciplinary tribunal by the Chamber of Construction Engineering of NRW (IK-Bau).