Thinking the operation in the planning

23.09.2022 08:30 – 09:00

Dear guests, dear participants,

CANZLER-OnlineIMPULSE is back this year with full momentum and new insights - this time, in the "Building and Planning" section, we took a closer look at the topic "Thinking the operation in the planning" and took a closer look at the prerequisites and possibilities for implementation.

Against the background of rising costs and staff shortages, efficient building operation is becoming increasingly important.

80% of life cycle costs are incurred in the utilisation phase of real estate! Many building owners and clients are still not aware that the levers for low operating costs can be significantly influenced in the early planning phases!

For us, the early involvement of FM in the planning processes is crucial: with little effort, building planning can be optimized. The operator can define processes at the beginning, accompany the commissioning and work efficiently from day 1 on.
The result is clear, personnel and cost-intensive "emergency solutions" in FM or retrofits and conversions in the first utilization phase are minimized.

Martin Preuße, one of our experienced FM consultants, used relevant use cases from current projects to show how added value can actually be generated.

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