03.05.2021 00:00

The CANZLER-OnlineIMPULSE! would like to invite you again to an entertaining, professional discussion!

Our online event series as a business breakfast for experts and decision-makers from asset management and the construction and real estate industry presented the topic on 30 April 2021:

"Residential construction only efficient as a general planning project? - Costs, qualities, schedules!


An informative keynote speech by Felix Herzog and Michael Maas, Concept division at CANZLER GmbH, gave an insight into the topic and stimulated the participants' professional discussion under the question "When does a general planner make sense for a builder in residential construction?".


Sorry, you could not attend?
We would be happy to send you the presentation on the event via:

For technical reasons, we were unable to record today's event.
We regret this very much and hope to be able to provide you with a recording of the event again at the next online event.


The next event will be held on May 20, 2021, at 8:30 a.m.

We are already looking forward to numerous participants and to your active "discussing with us together".

Your innovation team from CANZLER-OnlineIMPULSE!