New Work - all just a trend?

28.10.2022 08:30 – 09:00

Dear guests,
Dear participants,

The CANZLER-OnlineIMPULSE! – this time with the topic Workplace in the context of the Orgatec, which bears the slogan "Which kind of rooms does the work culture of the future need? " and presents developments and trends in the world of work. On this occasion we were this time on site at the premises of the bene “THE NEW WORK.Office” in Cologne to hold our CANZLER-OnlineIMPULSE! with our guests Patricia Möckesch- Head of Innovation and Design of Bene as well as Wolfgang Gehlhaus, managing director of officemanufaktur (Coworking). We have discussed innovative concepts, developments on the market and ask ourselves whether a general trend can be identified.

Currently, one topic in particular is in focus: The working world has changed enormously since the pandemic, home office has become socially acceptable, virtual, hybrid collaboration is the order of the day - the return to the office is sluggish.

Many companies are asking themselves: How will we work tomorrow and what does that mean for the spatial implementation - can space be reduced immensely, must in return attractive work environments be created for the employees as a meeting place to offer an incentive to come back to the office?

Because one thing is clear - further development and innovation still works best when teams come together.
Many questions - few or very contradictory solutions on the market.
Together we try to work out how intelligently designed working environments can advance the corporate culture and thus enable joint success.

Unfortunately, you were not able to attend or would like to listen again afterwards?  Here you can watch the recording of the event: request the presentation of the event via

Your innovation team from CANZLER-OnlineIMPULSE!