Identity Rocks - space creates identity

20.01.2023 11:30 – 12:00

ear guests,
Dear participants,

"Identity Rocks - Space creates identity" - we think this is a strong thesis!

Especially since it has become clear during the last two years of the pandemic that a company's own identity, combined with a solid corporate culture, is essential for retaining and attracting talent and making the company fit for the future.

According to surveys, companies with a strong identity were more creative and innovative, as there was a strong corporate bond and thus the (local) distance to the company was overcome.

But how can corporate culture be experienced as employer branding in space and is an identity-creating work environment a success factor in employee retention and recruitment?!    

What can room do? what does interaction between people and space actually look like?!

We have discussed these and other aspects together with Josephine Winkens, Division Head of Workplace at Knoblauch.

Our topic #36 "Identiy Rocks- space creates identity".

Unfortunately, you were not able to attend or would like to listen again afterwards?  Here you can watch the recording of the event:

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