Positioning Leadership in FM & Real Estate


Together with I2fm, CANZLER is hosting a webcast on the topic of "Positioning Leadership in FM & Real Estate".

No time at all - that's something everyone feels they have at the moment. In recent years, we've been in permanent crisis mode, with one task force chasing another. Is the air out?

Good leadership is needed right now. And that means leading by example, taking people along, giving meaning, conveying confidence, explaining, having a backbone, being a role model, empowering - right? When it comes to the Workplace, the development of leadership is being discussed in many places. After all, these projects feel like the "open heart surgery" of an organization. It is not only the "ball of project implementation" that lies in the court of those responsible for FM and real estate. Rather, it is also a matter of leadership in the hybrid office. Being able to lead at a distance is now in demand.

And what about operations? Imagine that, instead of a new tender, the management team of the FM department would enforce that the contractual agreement is strengthened and the existing service provider is re-implemented, despite the resistance of the purchasing department and the (nonsensical) requirements for a regular new tender. Or the FM organization is not driven by the fear of not finding a service provider and therefore does not stop asking meaningful questions about further development - bidder discussion or not.
Not to mention enforced budgets for data model, transparency, staffing levels, process development.

It's time to take stock of leadership in FM & Real Estate - we discuss, give impulses and suggestions.



Positioning Leadership in FM & Real Estate

Speaker Birgit Loeflath, Senior Con­sul­tant at CANZLER GmbH
Tanja Stüven, Regional Head of Exp. Construction & Facility Ma­nage­ment Central Europe bei H&M
Date:    Wednesday, April 26, 2023, 08:00 to 09:00 a.m.
Venue  online

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