GEFMA Tag 2018 - Personal 4.0 im FM


What is the status of the facility services market in Germany?
How bad is the shortage of skilled staff in facility management?
What does digitization mean for facility management?
Is the digitization of processes relating to real estate management the answer to the shortage of skilled FM staff?

GEFMA Day 2018 seeks through inspiring and innovative specialist and keynote lectures, including one by Canzler, to prompt further thought and a change in opinions in the world of FM as regards “PERSONAL 4.0 in FM”.


Facility Ma­nage­ment – a sector facing a shortage of skilled staff and digitization
Speaker:  Martin Preuße, Canzler GmbH, Erfurt
Date: Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018
Venue:   Stadtwerke Erfurt, Magdeburger Allee 34, 99086 Erfurt