Energy transition - prospects for hydrogen


Lecture 1:      Hydrogen CHP - backbone of the energy transition

Speaker:      Sebastian Urban, 2G Ener­gie­tech­nik GmbH

The use of hydrogen as an energy carrier is a milestone on the path to
climate neutrality. H2 is the key technology that enables the flexible, secure and
and time-delayed use of regeneratively generated energy. In addition to requirements for
the CHP of the future, we will look at the technology of H2 CHP, challenges in the
challenges in handling hydrogen, the differences to natural gas CHP, and retrofit options for
retrofit options for existing plants. There will also be an overview of already implemented
projects around the world.


Lecture 2:      Prospects for natural gas and hydrogen

Speaker:       Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Naendorf, Gas- und Wärme-Institut Essen

The energy supply in Germany is based on two energy carriers in the form of
electrons and molecules. The current discussions about the energy turnaround are still
still with a strong focus on the questions of electricity generation. The
other aspects of the current energy supply based on molecules, such as e.g.
natural gas, are strongly influenced by the aspects of climate protection and overshadowed by the
situation after the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine.
What is the current situation, what role can hydrogen and the associated technologies play in the future?
and the associated technologies and which questions are currently to be clarified within the framework of research projects?
research projects currently need to be clarified?

Date:         Tuesday, May 16 , 2019, 4.30 – 7 p.m.


       HAUS DER TECHNIK e.V., Hollestr. 1, 45127 Essen, Room 505

Admission is free. Guests are very welcome.