Bertram Canzler

Engineer and business administration expert
Advisor to the Executive Board

Bertram Canzler

Bertram Canzler has been with the company since 1979 and for 40 years has played a pivotal role in determining and shaping its development and success. At the end of 2018 he resigned from his position as Managing Partner and now acts as an advisor to the management team. The son of the company's founder, he was previously Managing Partner with the right to sole representation of the company and worked as an engineer specializing in con­sul­ting, planning, building surveillance, and (major) project management. He coordinated overall projects, in particular the technical plant and equipment across all trades, and was responsible for optimizing project execution with regard to quality, deadlines, and costs. His portfolio of 18,500 buildings with a total gross surface area of 15 million square metres extends from office buildings, computer centres, small and large edifices and call centres to sales and meeting places, canteens, and transmission buildings.


Over 40 publications since 1980 in German and international trade journals and books 

Activity in associations  

Member of and active in 20 national and international associations, including the German Association of Consulting Engineers (VBI), the Construction Standards Committee (DIN NaBau) and the Standards Committee Heating and Ventilation Technolgy and their Safety (NHRS), sanitation techniology and facility management