Here, everyone helps everyone else when there is a need.


Every day we face new challenges to which we have to find good solutions.

CANZLER enables its employees to grow with their projects.

As project manager and deputy business unit manager at Canzler, I am responsible for con­sul­ting projects in facility management from acquisition to project completion and coordinate our FM consultants across projects. My focus is on commissioning management, as well as on con­sul­ting during planning and construction. In addition, my responsibilities include the creation of customised operating concepts for our clients as well as the tendering, awarding and implementation of facility services.

Which projects have challenged you the most at Canzler so far?

In terms of project size, this was certainly the tendering, awarding and implementation of technical building management for around 500 H&M stores in Germany, including the redesign of technical services with individual awarding of services to bundle large award units. In terms of complexity, the project management and content processing of the new building for the Carl Zeiss AG high-tech site in Jena is a very exciting challenge. Here, we provide FM con­sul­ting accompanying the planning and create an innovative and sustainable operating concept for a highly complex building with production, clean rooms, research areas and offices. We plan all facility services from maintenance and cleaning to laundry and postal services and coordinate them with all project participants.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Our clients and projects are interesting and diverse. Every day brings new challenges to which we have to find good solutions.

I consider myself more of a pragmatic generalist who likes to initiate new things and then try them out myself. This helps me in my daily work and gives me the opportunity to explore new paths. In addition, there is a good spirit in our team - everyone supports each other when things get stuck. And everyone benefits from the know-how of the others.

"There is a good spirit in our team - everyone supports each other when there is a problem.

How did you start your training and career?

I first completed a part-time degree with a focus on maintenance at a university of cooperative education. During my practical phases at an FM service provider, I was able to gain initial experience at various locations and customer projects throughout Germany - from banks to airports. After graduating, I then worked in central sales for major nationwide and international projects. This already resulted in many contacts with FM consultancies. After working for another planning and con­sul­ting firm for a few years, I switched to CANZLER because this is the best place for me to combine family and career in my adopted home of Erfurt.



Martin Preuße, Master of Science and Auditor for Sustainability in Facility Ma­nage­ment lives and works in Erfurt. He spends his free time with his family, with whom he enjoys travelling and hiking. In his private life, he is also interested in professional topics such as digitalisation and sustainability.